Western adventure and relaxation, enjoyed at your own pace – now that’s a vacation!

Here at the Idaho Rocky Mountain Ranch we make sure that freedom guides your adventures, with no camp counselor-type blowing a whistle or posting the activity schedule.

Western Adventures

Hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking, fishing, rafting, and climbing – are available for all ability levels, at accommodating times. Whether you’re a beginning explorer or skilled adventurer, would like a short and scenic amble or a long and challenging mountain scramble, to ride horses for an hour and a half or all day, to casually cast a line in the Ranch’s pond or Salmon River, or spend the day fly fishing with a guide, we’ll help you figure out your perfect itinerary.


With breakfast served from 7-10am, a made-to-order take-away picnic lunch, fruit and bags of trail mix always out, appetizers and dinners served over a two-hour period, you’re free to dine and savor your meals, not schedule around them.

Leisure Time

Relaxation opportunities also abound, to be enjoyed on your timetable. At any hour, no scheduling required, soak in our natural hot springs pool, take in the incomparable Sawtooth Mountain view from our iconic front porch, enjoy a lemonade or cold beer in an Old Hickory rocker, play some Ping-Pong, grab a mountain bike and take it for a whirl around Williams Creek short loop, book a massage or horseback riding, or have games and good old-fashioned conversation with friends and family.

“This is a ranch for independent folks. Almost any outdoor activity you want is readily available, usually without the summer throngs. Take your pick: mountain climbing, kayaking, fishing, sailing, trail riding, swimming, white-water rafting, sailboarding, waterskiing on two of five lakes.”

The Los Angeles Times

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