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Patricia Murphy

Massage Therapist

Patricia “Pat” Murphy grew up on a farm in Aloha, Oregon, where she started working with horses and other animals at a young age. Her love for the outdoors led her to Hawai’i, where she received her MAT license and embarked on her lifelong career in therapy. Pat worked with trailblazers Dr. Frank Gladding, learning cranial-sacral adjustment and joint manipulation, and Dr. Milton Trager, developer of the Trager Method for treating chronic pain. Further in her career, she moved into shiatsu and acupressure, rolfing, lymph drainage, myofascial release, tok-sen, and sports therapy-working with professional golfers and polo players in Hawai’i.

After 35 years of experience, Pat splits her time between snowy Breckenridge, Colorado, and beautiful Stanley, Idaho, helping her clients with mobility and pain mitigation. She loves to spend time in nature in her free time, and she is an avid pickleball player.


Mandi Carozza

Yoga and Wellness Instructor


With 15+ years of practice and over 5 years of teaching yoga, Mandi has developed an intuitive and effective approach to help people of all backgrounds be present in their bodies and move with their breath.  

While guiding practice, she holds space for students to have their own experience within a safely constructed class that is suitable, enjoyable and impactful for all levels and ages.

Since completing her 200-hour Hatha/Vinyasa yoga certification in 2018, Mandi has taught 1,000+ classes and taken 100+ additional training hours in Pranayama, Meditation, Yin Yoga, Reiki, Trauma Informed Yoga, Anatomy and more.

In 2023, Mandi deepened her teaching and her own personal practice by pursuing an advanced 300-hour Earth Medicine Yoga Teacher Training which provides specialized training in sound healing, shamanism, tantra and multiple lineages of yoga.

As an avid traveler whose creativity is inspired by nature and adventure, Mandi has taught yoga on mountaintops in the Wild West, beaches of Florida, rolling hills of Tuscany and the sandy shores of Costa Rica.

For more about Mandi’s offerings, visit her website at freerangemandi.com. From Vinyasa & Yin Yoga to Breathwork & Forest Bathing, Mandi’s creative sequences, intentional cues and passionate teachings promise a unique & unforgettable experience every time.

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