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The mid-century romanticized view of the American West has faded into the past, and revisionist history has exposed Hollywood’s brush of glamour over a more stark reality.  Reliving the “glory days of yesteryear”, a la the Lone Ranger, no longer motivates many to pack up the family and head west. But thank our clear, starry skies, the West has even more to offer to our modern, fast-paced life, without sacrificing romance or authenticity.

What’s new about the Old West is the West’s unglamorized essential, timeless character:  A spirit of independence, freedom and adventure and a natural environment that begs to be explored and appreciated. The cowboys that you meet here are the real deal, as are the river rafters, climbers, hikers, photographers, authors, musicians and hot springs explorers – not costumed, but outfitted for authentic adventure.  And they’re eager to share their world with you.

In a recent reflective discussion with Gene Kilgore, the Father of Ranch Vacations, we talked about the evolution of people’s perception of the West and the lasting appeal of western ranch vacations.  The West now is experienced as a natural, safe haven that offers unparalleled opportunities to engage in a multitude of outdoor sports and adventures, free from perceived urban and digital dangers and disruptions.  And the peace and beauty of the West’s natural environment provides a rejuvenating depth of experience to “leisure.”

We encourage you to head west to enjoy the new Old West in all its natural splendor.  Embrace the inner you, whether a cowboy, author, rafter or painter, and seek adventure and tranquility in nature.  And for those who choose to relive those glamorized, glory days of yesteryear – Hi-Ho, Silver.  Away!

Guest Blogger:  Sandra Beckwith, Lodge Manager