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Local Favorites in the Sawtooth Valley

Fishhook Creek
Beginner / 4.4 miles / singletrack
Follow the trail along the creek through lodgepole and Douglas fir forests until it opens up into a meadow with large ponds and views of Mount Heyburn, Hortsmann Peak and Thompson Peak. 

Sawtooth City Loop
Beginner / 5.2 miles / gravel road
Explore the remains of Sawtooth City as you pedal past the old townsite and alongside Beaver Creek. 

Stanley Lake to Bridal Veil Falls
Beginner / 8 miles / gravel road to singletrack
Jaw-dropping views of two waterfalls and the Sawtooth Mountains.  Make it a bike and hike – drop your bike and hike up Bridal Veil Falls to Hansen Lake. 

Elk Mountain Loop
Intermediate / 11.5 miles / singletrack
Wildlife and wildflowers galore!  Gradual ascents with fun, fast downhill descents.  Practice your skills at riding over and around rocks and roots on one of the local’s favorite trails. 

Fisher-Williams Creek Loop
Intermediate / 18 miles / singletrack
This infamous trail takes you through meadows, across creeks, around S-curves, up switchbacks and down some amazing terrain. 

Joe’s Gulch / Nip-N-Tuck Loop
Intermediate / 14.1 miles / back roads
Gorgeous views of the Sawtooths and Stanley while riding through creek drainages, forested areas, old mines and an historic townsite. 

Casino Creeks Loop
Advanced / 19.9 miles / singletrack
Hard-core ride with demanding uphills, technical downhills but world-class views. 

Fourth of July to Pole Creek Road
Advanced / 38.1 miles / dirt road and singletrack
An abusive trail but you’re rewarded with amazing views, pristine alpine lakes, enjoyable climbs and exhilarating descents. 

Redfish Lake Loop
Advanced / 13.9 miles / singletrack and pavement
Get a new perspective of Redfish Lake, the Sawtooth Mountains and Stanley Basin while traversing this difficult and technical trail to the summit ridge and around the five-mile long glacial lake.

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